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Does Fax work on voip?

Technically, faxing does not work on VoIP because of various network issues such as latency, jitter and lag.

We can provide a e-Fax service through our partners as a solution. Get faxes to your email

What is the quality of VoIP calls like?

VoIP call quality really depends on the provider, its Quality Of Service and the internet speed available. If all of these three factors are of a good level, then a VoIP phone call can actually turn out to be virtually impossible to differentiate from a normal phone call. If you aren’t able to cover all of these bases with decent quality, then it is possible or even likely that you will experience a less than average call quality.

What are the benefits of switching to a VoIP system?

What handset do you recommend?

We recommend and provide Yealink handsets

Will my phone work when my internet is down?

No, voip requires internet

If i have 2 sites do i need a VoIP system in each location?

With Hosted Voip you just need internet at both sites and our handsets will be plug and go into your internet